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Summary and extract of the Ministerial Order of 1 February -OM-INT/318/2011 on BOE.Núm Private security personnel. 42 dated 18 February General 2011.Disposiciones Interior Ministry.

Article 4.Vigilantes private security guards and the camp.

1.-The would-be security guards will have to overcome, in cycles, at least one hundred eighty hours and six weeks of classes, and aspiring private guards of the camp, in cycles of sixty hours and two weeks teaching in schools authorized Training, professional training modules to be determined at the Secretary of State for Security, a proposal from the Directorate General of Police and civil Guard, in their respective areas...

2.-Especialties Applicants for the private escort and guard of explosives, in addition to general modules referred to the previous module, must overcome specific modules for the specialty .... for private escort cycles consisting of sixty hours of teaching for thirty esplosivos guard class hours, respectively.

3.-The aspiring specialties gamekeeper and maritime guardapesca specific modules must overcome .... Hunting consisting of sixty hours and to keep fishing promenade of thirty hours.

4.-In the time courses in their definition may include a maximum of fifty percent of the line education or distance learning, character must face a mandatory imparted the teachings of nature técnico.profesional, instrumental, technical content and practical operating shooting and laboratory.

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ORDEN INT/318/2011, DE 1 DE FEBRERO, SOBRE PERSONAL DE SEGURIDAD PRIVADA (BOE 42 DE 18.02.2011) Corrección de errores (BOE 61 DE 12.03.2011